Friday, June 28, 2013

Paddlesurf shots with IronX camera... cool!

I was able to grab some screen shots from the video that I shot with the IronX Action Cam at the end of my paddle. Check them out- I think they're kinda cool!

8'4 CreedSUP Seed model. This is what it looks like to go down the line, surfing a stand up paddleboard.

Dropping into a wave. See that fluorescent green watch on my wrist? It's actually the remote trigger to start the IronX video camera that's attached to the end of my paddle. Cool little set up.
Kind of a cool little shot- you can see the break behind me, that's where I rode this wave from. This spot is called Venom's because if you put your foot down, you're sure to step on a venomous urchin!
Flying off the bottom.
And then coming off the top.
Here's a shot of the camera attached to the end of my paddle.
This was a sweet little camera set up, it took nice shots, was totally watertight and I loved the way that the remote triggered the camera- this made it easy to start and stop. Thanks IronX for supplying us with cameras!


  1. Cool camera! Have to get one of those somehow.

  2. If you go to you can purchase one in the online store!